Atmoscat, the UFO Riding Feline

October 15, 2015

WARNING: The blissfully unaware cats of Cloudyville are in danger as the birds, their previous cohorts in anti-dog crime, have turned against them!

Have no fear friends… Atmoscat, the UFO Riding Feline has arrived to annihilate these foul fowl. With the help of Atmoscat’s laser equipped flying saucer, your job is to protect the oblivious cats of Cloudyville by blasting and dodging as many birds as you can.


Green Bird: This common, easy to kill bird started the feud after a disagreement over the best way to take down Atmospug, the Cloud Jumping Dog.
Red Bird: Pretty tough character that takes 2 laser shots to kill.
Yellow Bird: Disappears and reappears in whatever lane Atmoscat is in.
Black Bird: Invincible! Shooting this bird may slow it down but nothing can kill it!
Blue Bird: Whenever you see this bird, immediately get yourself into firing position! Halfway to reaching Atmoscat, this bird will lay an egg that if it hits the ground can wipe out the whole town of Cloudyville!


Your UFO is not semi-automatic, ensure you allow enough time for the laser to recharge between shots.
If you can’t shoot the Blue Bird directly, aim for the egg.
While you may not be able to kill a Black Birds try shooting it to slow it down to leave yourself time/room to maneuver.

Atmoscat, the UFO Riding Feline doesn’t require an internet connection and is free to play.

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