H.E.A.D. Hunters: The Game – Basics

January 15, 2017

H.E.A.D. Hunters is an expandable card game utilizing 5 1/4” toys to represent player characters. Each player controls one figure which they use to navigate the battlefield and attack enemy figures. The goal is to reduce the opponents’ health to zero. The game can be played with two to four players in either free for all or team based combat.

Each H.E.A.D. Hunters figure comes complete with Health & Terrain cards, Combat Dice, Measuring String, 2 Battle Platforms, and their own unique deck. The neat thing about H.E.A.D. Hunters – and what makes it unique – is the fact that everything you need to play the game is stored in the head of the figurine itself.

To initiate play, the players first mark an area approximately 30″ by 30″ – this is the battlefield. Next, each player chooses their hunter and places their 5 Health cards face up in descending order next to the battlefield.


Next, the Starting Terrain cards are shuffled together and placed face down on the battlefield.  After all of the terrain cards have been placed, they are turned face up.  Each figurine has one unique terrain card, each player finds their unique terrain card and places their battle platform on top of it.  This is where your figure will start.

Starting with the first player, each player places their figure on their battle platform and decides which direction it will be facing when play commences. Players shuffle their decks and place them next to their Health stack, then draw three cards – the default hand size.

During regular gameplay, on their turn, each player may make a basic move and take up to two actions. These actions are most commonly used to play cards which allow the player to move, attack, defend, and do special actions. A basic move doesn’t involve playing a card, instead they simply use their character’s current Speed (marked on the current Health card) to determine length of travel.  At the end of their turn, players may discard any unwanted cards and draw cards up to their hand size.

These are just the basics of H.E.A.D. Hunters. Next time we’ll get into some of the more complicated mechanics like Movement, Tactics, and Combat!